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Jerry the Frog Ramblings

Making fun of the world since 1984

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Hello there, kind persons! If you're here, you probably either know me in real life, from various internet communities I may frequent, or through my website, Jerry the Frog Productions (aka the Hand Puppet Theatre).

This Journal:
Here I'll mostly ramble about my everyday life or what's going on with me at the moment. Often I'll post art I do here. Sometimes I'll rant about something that's irking me, or squee over something else when I'm in fangirl mode. In other words, it's exactly like every other LJ out there. Observe the sheer unoriginality!

My Location:
I am currently living in the Southern California area, where everything costs four times as much and there's no such thing as snowfall. But I still like it all the same. I've also traveled around Europe a lot when I was younger. I am currently in a career training program, trying my darndest to secure a job in something that involves drawing and animating cool crap for movies and games.

My Interests:
I absolutely love to draw, and that seeps into everything I do and all my future plans. I especially love to draw cartoons and animate them. I also thoroughly enjoy writing, and I'm happiest when I'm combining these two things: whether in the form of animation or comics. I create both frequently, and I hope to do it for a living until I drop dead from it.
I am very much of the typical geek variety. I grew up on Disney movies and comic books, and am now into Japanese anime and manga as well as American forms. I love fantasy and sci-fi, geekish movies, video games, and other activities of such nature. My current obsession is Kingdom Hearts, with previous obsessions including Gargoyles, The X-Files, Lord of the Rings, and more.

My Nature:
I am a generally upbeat, optimistic person who is rarely phased by pressing worries, or perhaps just chooses to ignore them. I like laughing and making other people laugh as well, and I love telling stories. However, I also love to parody, and I have a sarcastic bite implanted by my dad and fostered by MST3K. I am generally kind towards individuals I meet, but ruthless towards impersonal forces that can't hear me rant, anyway. I am productive, but a stickler for routine and fearful of change. I've grown up Christian and it influences my thinking and beliefs in every way, but I like to stay open-minded and recognize the world is a complex place.

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