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18 February 2012 @ 09:55 pm
Busy busy busy as always, and these next few weeks will be especially intense. x_x I'm hoping for good news at the end of them, but won't go into it much here for now. However, if I don't post again here for awhile, it's because busy-ness has nommed me.

I've had a terrible urge to make an askblog for awhile now, but I just don't know if I've got the time to do it... T_T

Also, in regards to the latest trailer for KH3D? ALL. MY. SCREAMING. IDK if I'll repeat every point here since I already freaked out in plurk when I first saw it, but AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. WANT TO PLAY THE GAME NOOOOOOWWWWWW.

No new LP since Kia's computer has sadly been busted, but here's more All Hearts and waking-up drawings...

All Hearts - The MayorCollapse )

Under-covers drawings 300-313Collapse )

Drawing: Tons of stuff for the opera, storyboarding, All Hearts, commissions, etc.

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11 February 2012 @ 11:32 am
GOODNESS it's been awhile since I've posted. Between my daily schedule and then doing stuff in [community profile] itsjustagamerp, I've been surprisingly busy. Here's where things stand:
- I'm hoping to finish the new storyboard I've been working on next week. It's definitely my longest yet.
- I'm hoping to finish most, if not all of the opera stuff by the end of next week.
- About halfway through the work I've been doing on designs for a social networking game idea; stuff I want to add to the portfolio.
- Applied for about four dozen jobs or so in all of that.
- Finished all the boards and revisions for DSP.
- Finished a couple've smaller commissions.
- Haven't gotten as much done on reindeer story as I've liked, since that's been falling by the wayside for other projects.

And also! Finished a (somewhat late) birthday gift for [personal profile] corrielle! I hope that you like this!

Arya and NymeriaCollapse )
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28 January 2012 @ 12:06 pm
I'm going through a whole bunch of anxiety about the future...although a lot of that anxiety will probably kick in later down the road, so IDK if I want to talk about it right now. It will probably come up later in time. I think plurk knows some of that already. :(

Aside from that seemingly-endless worry, I have of course still been busy with art stuff. We'll start with the most recent LP episode, then go into drawings...

I went to Disneyland yesterday, and had a really good drawing day! So, here's a dump of all the life drawing a did, plus a watercolor:

Disneyland doodlesCollapse )

All Hearts - LumiereCollapse )

Also, I'm thinking of doing a livestream of how I do All Hearts paintings tomorrow night. Will see how that goes!

Under-covers drawings 292-299Collapse )

Drawing: Commissions, projects, storyboards, All Hearts...tons of stuff, basically

Writing: Tags!
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20 January 2012 @ 05:46 pm
Once again, it's been awhile since my last post, and I apologize! I've been busy on my new schedule, which is still working out well. But aside from the usual nerdery and crazy things happening in [community profile] itsjustagamerp, I haven't had that many exciting things going on. I am thinking of going to Disneyland on Monday to draw and paint, however.

Anyways, here's a big ol' dump of LP, art and sketches!

Starting in on Beast's Castle characters!

All Hearts - Beast, Belle and CogsworthCollapse )

Under-covers drawings 281-291Collapse )

Drawing: Finished the opera backdrops pretty much, started designs on a game idea, some on reindeer story, and All Hearts

Writing: Craziness at iJAG
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09 January 2012 @ 05:59 pm
So, winter vacation is officially over, aaand I'm trying out my work schedule for the first week. Thusfar, it's working out pretty decent! It's much easier to just put things into one or two-hour chunks and then stop on working on them when I'm done, rather than trying to plow through and rushing things. Hopefully I can keep up the pace, though, and won't be able to post as much art stuff since I'm back at doing some long commission stuff.

[community profile] itsjustagamerp is also now fully moved over the DW, and I am having soooo much fun with the current event. 8D Cannot wait for more!...

In the meanwhile, here's the usual slew of LP and art stuff:

Did the rest of the Deep Jungle crew!

All Hearts - Kala, Kerchak and TerkCollapse )

Under-covers drawings 274-280Collapse )

Drawing: Bunch of commission stuff and some occasional All Hearts

Writing: Tags of funness
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01 January 2012 @ 06:34 pm
Once again, it's that time for reflection on the year past! ...And once again, I don't really want to stop and do that, because I'd much rather focus on what's coming up ahead. I dunno if it's a good thing or not that I don't stop and reflect on past years much, but considering I don't think this was one of the better ones, I think I'll just move on to new things.

My main "health" goal this year is to eat at least one vegetable every day. Last year, my goal was to give up soda entirely, and I stuck to it! So sticking with something easy, simple and doable seems to work for me...none of this calorie-counting/meat-and-veggie-only diets or whatever. Just at least one vegetable a day!

I've also decided to keep up a particular schedule for my upcoming days of unemployment. Mentordude suggested I do this for another thing that I was having a lot of trouble motivating myself to do, and it ended up working out really well: just devoting an hour (or two) to the task each day, and no more. So here's what I've got planned out for an 8-hour "work day" starting next week:

- 2 hours for actual jobhunting
- 2 hours for working on storyboard projects (I've got one thumbnailed out that I need to start in on)
- 1 hour off for lunch, dishes and walking the doggie
- 1 hour for working on designs for a social networking game idea I want to add to the portfolio
- 1 hour for working on the reindeer story comic (yes, I am going to make it a comic now!)
- 1 hour for various miscellaneous projects that won't take as long, or for drawing practice.

Obviously, that schedule gets put on the wayside when freelance work or other workthings with a due date come up.

Also, I am going to go ahead and block plurk during those "work hours," since I've discovered that it actually is kind of a huge distraction for me. x_x Plurk will then be un-blocked when I'm done with my work hours.

And just because, here's another LP episode from Kia and I, plus some more waking-up drawings:

Under-covers drawings 271-273Collapse )

Drawing: Not as much, but much coming up

Writing: Tags everywheeeere
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29 December 2011 @ 10:55 pm
I'm once again in that kind of do-not-work slump that I tend to hit right at the end of the year, with the expectation that once the new year hits I'll have a full schedule of projects to dive right into. And, at least in this case, I do. |D Even unemployed or underemployed, I never lack something to work on.

Although right now, I've mostly just been playing video games all day, and trying to do it as guilt-free as possible. Since my little bro is here for Christmas and I rarely see him otherwise, we kinda use this as our own hanging-out-time, anyway! I've started Ocarina of Time on the 3DS, which has been a lot of fun so far, even if I fail at a lot of it. (Like throwing bombs...horse-riding...using a shield...etc.) It really is such a lovely game; I can see how it's endured so long. My bro also started me in on Paper Mario while he's here with the Wii, so it looks like I've been doing a bunch of oldschool games. That one is also fun, and ridiculously cute.

However, I caught a bad cold on Christmas Day, and it gave a whole lot of tiredness and stuffy nose-ness. Thankfully, I think I'm getting over it now, and it's not leaving me with a horrible cough or anything.

Also, Sophie is all fresh and clean after a bath, and there was a lovely sunset today!

Now, let's go in for my first post on DW with an art and LP dump...

Three new episodes of the KH2 LP!

We've also got a poll up where you can vote or give thoughts on Kia and I's next LP:

Happened to get a bunch of All Hearts done at once...

All Hearts - Tarzan, Jane, Clayton and SaborCollapse )

And then more waking-up drawings:

Under-covers drawings 262-270Collapse )

Drawing: Mostly All Hearts and reindeer stuff

Writing: Tags everywhaaaar
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25 December 2011 @ 09:35 pm
Whelp, I guess I'll start out a first post here by going into a Christmas haul! XD While I didn't get a lot, I am totally happy with this year since I got most everything I asked for (and it was big stuff too)

- A Nintendo 3DS! AAAAAAAAAAAA YAAAAAAY 8D Now I've got it all ready for KH3D and also the FF rhythm game!
- And in the meanwhile: also got Mario Kart 3D, and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time! I am so excited to play both!
- A really super cute shirt; it's got a lovely pattern on it.
- Two pairs of new jeans, which yaaay, I really needed
- A pair of fuzzy Christmas socks with penguins on them; so comfy and cute
- The Art of Toy Story 3 yaaaay!
- Movie ticket monies
- New pens
- Pretty much all my favorite candies

Also from friends I got:
- The Lion King on Blu Ray (yaaay!)
- A Pinkie Pie shirt (so cute!)
- Bolt plushie, a Kingdom Hearts pin, and sea salt ice cream!

And then from grandma, I got some nice-smelling lotion, and some cash. Although...grandma has pretty much gotten it into her head that she is going to troll all of her kids and grandkids every Christmas. Last year, she made us hum Christmas carols through kazoos in order to get our presents. This year, we all had to wear Billy Bob fake teeth and sing with them to get gifts. And then the cash we got was inside a glass ball ornament...and we had to figure out on our own how to remove the cash without breaking the ornament. My family can be so weird sometimes.

I hope that everyone celebrating it had an awesome holiday, and I also wish much happiness in the new year! I'm probably gonna go to bed early and get a lot of sleeps since I'm worried that I'm getting sick. XP Woke up with a stuffy nose and it's been dragging me down most of the day, despite fun things.

Also, I should probably figure out how to do a cut here on DW...
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23 December 2011 @ 01:51 pm
Well, I never actually thought I'd get to this point, but like many others, I'm now leaving LiveJournal. Between the layout change, the frequent bugs, the inability to access important functions, the promised "improvements" in a later update, and most especially the dismal customer support and dismissal of legitimate concerns, I don't see much reason to give my money to LJ anymore, whether through paid accounts or ad revenue. So, I'm in the process of phasing out my LJ and moving the journal over to Dreamwidth now.

Regarding KHFFR, SOAS and KH_Het
Considering the fact that KHFFR has been dead on its feet for a long while now, I'm prepared to just turn off moderated members/posting and let it die a natural death. princealia, yume_no_kage, if you wanna discuss anything on that with me, then please do. But as for me personally, I have no real vested interest in keeping KHFFR going.

I am actually not the maintainer of Snakes on a Sora, and considering we haven't posted any new sporkings there in a long time, I imagine it will do as it always does and stay there for people to read. I'm not planning for any more sporkings there, though...right now any sporking interest is currently focused on It's Just A Game.

I'm not sure if there's really enough interest in KH_Het (kh_het has always been a very slow community), but if people actually really want it, I'll be happy to set up a new comm for it on Dreamwidth. Otherwise, it'll do as Snakes on a Sora is doing and stay as is.

Regarding itsjustagamerp
Don't worry, current and potential Jaggers! We'll be seeing how things go these next few days, and start on decision-making after Christmas. No matter what happens, the game isn't going poof...I've got way too much I want to do in it still for that! ;) But that'll get some discussion a bit later, and over at the actual iJAG comms. Right now, this post is mostly in regards to my personal journal.

I'll still be around a little bit longer as I try to import my entire journal over to Dreamwidth, which I'm sure will take a bit of time as I figure out how the new site works. But starting in 2012, I don't believe I'll be posting here any more. I don't want to lose touch with friends, though, so here's the other places you can keep up with me:

- I am LynxGriffin over on Dreamwidth now, of course!
- My Plurk is where I do most of my talking about ongoing life, work, RP and art things nowadays. My plurk is public and I do not mind people just watching but not friending.
- My DeviantART, where I post most of my artwork, especially fandom-related.
- My Facebook is primarily for friends, family and business contacts. Unlike other places, if I do not already know you there, you won't be added. I don't use my FB much.
- I am also considering getting a Tumblr, but I haven't much gotten around to it yet, and if I did, it'd likely just be for specific projects or art posts.

If you want to follow me, feel free to check those places, and if you're already there, feel free to add me! I'll also post here again when everything's fully moved over and I'm ready to keep on with my stream of LP videos, art and doodles. ;)

Hope everyone who celebrates it has a wonderful Christmas, too!
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At some point, I suppose I should stop holding it in and make a big ol' post on my thoughts about current things, especially stuff like government. Buuuut I'm having trouble getting around to it, considering it would mostly consist of rage and despair, and I don't much like talking about that in spaces like this. I seem to be of the (perhaps rather unhelpful) mind that if I stick my fingers in my ears and go LA LA LA it'll go away. 8| But yeah. Maybe I will rant on that later.

I'm also rather ehhh at the moment because the job that I had been interviewing for and thought I had a good chance at suddenly went poof. This always seems to happen to me...and I'd be lying if I said that this time I wasn't really disappointed. There's opportunities in the future, but y'know, it'd be really nice if that opportunity came through now for once. -_-

But I still have my friends, and family, and my health, and for all those things I'm grateful.

So, I've got a whole buncha new things both with LP, All Hearts and waking-up drawings to share...

Finished off the rest of the Wonderland characters for All Hearts:

All Hearts - Queen of Hearts, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat and DoorknobCollapse )

A bunch more waking-up drawings!

Under-covers drawings 253-261Collapse )

Drawing: All Hearts, Secret Santa gift, and now reindeer story expression sheets

Writing: Tags and plottings, and reindeer story script...so yes, I've started in on that more.
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